This book will show anyone who has goals and dreams to succeed at anything in life. It is possible no matter what adversity they are facing, as long as they believe in their dream and in themselves. Nothing is impossible and there is always a way. The power to succeed is in the individual’s hand and success is inevitable as long as you keep going and never quit on yourself.

It was my lucky day when I randomly picked up Mohammed’s business card and invited him to attend a business networking meeting. That was the start of a business relationship that has continued to inspire me and has had a huge impact on my life over the years. Mohammed is a leader who leads by example in his work ethic, his integrity, and his servant heart. He is true to his word always, and is someone I can always count on and trust. I often describe him to others as a person who is successful at anything he pursues, and I now see his success is directly related to the number of those he has helped to succeed. His book and his story will inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams with whatever it takes.

Kelli McCamy

World Champion Horse Trainer/Breeder, Health Coach

I met Mohammed during the time my law practice was winding down, and I was about to embark on a new adventure. He encouraged me on my new journey and gave me the belief that I would succeed. His personal story was inspirational to me and his counsel helped me tremendously in launching this new adventure. In spite of great odds, the things he has accomplished in life are truly inspirational! This book will dramatically inspire you on your journeys in life!

V. Craig Belair

Former Intellectual Property Attorney, Former Chemical Engineer for a Large International Oil Company

A challenge for most people is how to achieve desired results in life that lead to success. Mohammed has mastered how to define his own success. He never stopped dreaming or thinking big and was determined to make good on the promises he made to himself and others. His story and the principles within can help you define your success and keep the promises you made to yourself as well. His dedication to his family and society is second to none. All in all, he is about as well-rounded, hardworking, and able a person as I have met during my more than 20 years.

Mohammad Kabir

Software Engineer

From Zero Opportunities to Endless Possibilities

How to Empower Yourself from Lost Hope to Ultimate Success

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